Insight is revealing previously unseen truths. Insight is the understanding of relationships that shed light on an underlying problem.

Economica Action was created on the insight that what human beings do, want, see, expect, believe and create is what determines corporations and markets.

Action is what determines customer value, what determines production, what determines the financial system.

It is what determines everything in an economic system against the background of passive limited resources.

Causation between supply and demand is set into action by people, who make decisions in a context of uncertainty.

Corporations and markets are in effect processes of learning and development (generating information) which require broadening expansion of knowledge.


Connect To Uncommon Sense

In a world of increased speed, complexity and uncertainty, corporations need a superior ability to make sense of the ever changing environment. This is where the competition begins.

At Economica Action, we have no doubt it is possible to run a business with success while not understanding the dynamics of economics. However, managers who know how to comprehend economic data can put corporate business objectives in better perspective, form a nuanced conception of market conditions and engage in meaningful discussions at CxO level. They essentially have a better chance at outperforming competitors, respond to major economic events and avoid making costly mistakes.

The competition for insight is perhaps the most decisive battle today. Winning the competition for economic insight allows to outwit, to outmanoeuvre and to outstragize the competitor.

Why is the Euro mechanism under stress? What is the impact of house prices on the economy? What causes a Balance of Payments crisis? Do costs determine prices or do prices determine costs? Why do governments borrow money and what are the consequences if they accumulate too much debt? How important is productivity in a growing economy? And most important … what does this have to do with my business?

The objective of this course is not only to provide answers to questions like the ones above, but to convey the true insights of an economy and provide a framework to think economics. Put the dots together and seek to understand the future consequences of present realities.

To quote Thomas Friedman, bestselling author of The World is Flat, “If you can’t see the world, and you can’t see the interactions that are shaping the world, you surely cannot strategize around the world (From Lexus & Olive Tree p232).”


Group Teaching Environment.

Looking to benefit from the wealth of economic information available? You found the right address.

Group Teaching Environment.

This two-day interactive programme for experienced managers is structured around a set of comprehensive frameworks that package economic concepts, knowledge and best practices in an efficient and fun way.

Participants will be able to use economic logic and data to help them prepare better for current and emerging business challenges in the global marketplace.

The programme is designed to have immediate and practical application back in the workplace.

Customised Programme

Do you need to make decisions about new markets? Have you been promoted and are expected to efficiently use economic information for business optimisation? We can help you.

Customised Programme

The method, format and content of this programme is tailored to specifically address the needs of each individual or team.

Too often executives are immersed wholly in day-to-day affairs and focus only on immediate business and economic problems. They cease to make fundamental distinctions or ask the really basic questions.

This is particularly important in today’s economy, where interrelations are so intricate. The customised programme isolates a few important factors, analyses them, and traces their operations in the complex world.

Executives learn to gain perspective and stand aside from everyday affairs in order to understand them more fully and make the right decisions.

Economics & Business Planning

Any business, any development, does entail some sort risk. The purpose of a business plan is to tell in a compelling manner whether the returns are commensurate with that risk. Economic risk is too often not well understood.

Economics & Business Planning

International expansion, whatever the country, whatever the strategy, has economic risk.

Let’s imagine that you are building a plan with the assumption that country X Y or Z will grow very rapidly and all of a sudden the growth is not there, the demand is not there. So you’ve put all your plans, you’ve put the logistics in place and the demand is not there.

Or you start to export to a country that has a massive devaluation, then your products are priced out and the whole effort is ruined. Currency is a major thing.

If you sell something and the buyers cannot pay on time or in full, that is a major problem. So you have to asses or measure price cross-border payment.

Economica Action helps its customers to ensure that the international strategy is in line with the economic reality.


Training As Usual Isn’t Anymore

We represent Training Orchestra, a leader in Integrated Training Management Solutions dedicated to training providers, training departments and extended enterprises.

Training Orchestra offers the widest range of Training Management Solutions on the market, and has been adopted by some of the largest companies in the world, optimising more than 1 Billion US $ in yearly training activities.

Training Orchestra covers all aspects of training management.

  • Financials
  • Logistics
  • Legal
  • Portal
  • Commercial
  • Human Resources

This flexible and performing solution allows better use of training budgets and resources

  • Enhanced productivity via automated processes
  • Unrestricted reporting capabilities
  • Individual customisation upon request
  • Multi-language and multi-currency

Training Orchestra is provided either as Cloud or Software Licence.


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